Getting Ready To Launch

I feel like i’m starting to gain a little bit of momentum now, i’ve found my product, planned out my marketing strategy and i’ve created a spreadsheet containing all of the keywords i want to target.

Now as i mentioned i have started using helium 10 almost everyday now, it is a great bit of software but it does take a lot of time to work out.

If you want to use it properly you need to take the time to learn how each of the tools are best used.

I know a lot of people use jungle scout, to be honest i think their marketing team have done a much better job so they are widely known to amazon sellers.

I also think that jungle scout have done a really good job of marketing to complete amazon FBA beginners, you know people like me looking to start their own online amazon business.

Marketing is great but for me i am looking for software that provides the most functionality for me and my business, that is why i have chosen to use Helium 10.

I want to go back to a blog post that ebusiness boss wrote. I know i’ve mentioned them a few times now but it’s with good reason.

I am following their content and youtube videos and i’ve actually found that i’ve learn a lot. The most useful article by quite some distance was the helium 10 review, i’ll leave another link below to anyone that wants to give it a read, this is the document i am following.

I have followed Nick since he started the eBusiness Boss blog, he has helped me personally on several occasions, i couldn’t speak more highly of the bloke.

So now i have chosen 4 target keywords that i want to rank my product for on page one of the amazon search engine!

I’m going to go after these one at a time, i have built out my listing and i’ve included my most important keywords within the title and bullet points.

There is a lot of evidence to suggest that amazon prioritizes these areas of the description when it comes to keyword index weighting.

If this is news to you check out this article written by copy dart. It runs through some pretty interesting points.

I’ve also heard these points repeated by several 7 and 8 figure amazon sellers so i think its safe to say we should pay attention to it.

Next up i am going to plan my launch strategy. I want to be quite aggressive so that my listing has a good chance of sticking to the top.

I’m thinking i am going to target my top four keywords with “exact match” amazon PPC and i’m going to run giveaways through facebook ads.

I think i’m going to offer my product for 90% off using a discount code, find potential customers on facebook, give them a code and watch the listing climb up the rankings.

Using helium 10’s CPR methods you can work out how many you need to give away each day.

Thats enough from me. I’ll update you all soon.

Thanks for reading,



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