How to become an Amazon Seller

Today i’m going to talk about what it takes to become an amazon seller. If you want to make money online selling on amazon can provide you with an amazon opportunity.

Lets start from the top, so first up you’ll need an amazon selling account! you can either pick an “individual account” or go for the “professional selling account”.

We are talking about building a real online business here, one we can scale! So i’m going to be going for the pro account. Next up, fulfillment option!

So if you want to ship it out yourself, you will need to go for the merchant fulfilled option. If you want amazon to do all the hard work, you can go for the fulfilled by amazon (FBA) program.

If you are anything like me, you’ll be interested in building a business based on passive income philosophies, i’m only really interested in the FBA business model, this way i send the goods into amazon, they pick and pack when i make a sale.

What are the best things to sell?

I’d like to sell the products that are going to give me the best profit margins! Although you can do it yourself i think i’m going to invest in some software to help me find the best products.

I’ve found some pretty cool looking software called “Jungle Scout” i’ve read this jungle scout review and it seems to explain how it all works, it sounds like something that will help me!

I understand how the best seller rank works but it can get a little confusing, some categories are bigger and something that has a good rank in one category will mean something completely different in another! The Jungle scout tool sounds like it takes all of the worry away.

Seller Tips

I’ve found some pretty cool tips for people thinking of getting into selling on amazon. First and foremost, you need to take the time to analyse a potential product.

Once you’ve found a potential product, you might think right lets jump into this right away! i’d take your time, make sure you run all of the numbers before diving into the deep end.

You can use amazons FBA fee calculator to work out your profit! Make sure you take taxes into account, do all of this before ordering any products. If you don’t you can’t be sure of the profit, and that’s important i’m sure you’ll agree.

Should i sell on Amazon?

Only you can answer this question for yourself but i think retail is going one way and one way only! It doesn’t seem a coincidence that Amazon’s stock continues to grow whilst alot of brick and mortar stores are having to close down.

If you are wanting to build a business based off a good passive income idea i’d go for the amazon FBA business model. It’s simple, you spend the time researching the best product, once you are sure of the numbers you have to make it look good.

I’d spend time ensuring you have good product photos, you will also need to make sure the product packaging (if necessary) is of a good standard. Ensure you research the relevant packaging requirements for your product, these can be different from country to country.

Further topics to Research

Read into Amazon’s best seller rank, understanding this is a vital part of building a successful amazon business! Next up have a look at popular amazon seller tools, i was pretty set on going for Jungle Scout. But i may have actually changed my mind on this!

A couple of the articles i’ve linked to so far are from a blog i’ve found called eBusiness Boss, the guys running it are actually really help so i’m using them as a reference!

Anyway, they have since posted another article about another bit of software called Helium 10. The post they have written shows exactly how they use the software within their Amazon business, it’s actually a great read.

I’ll leave a link here for anyone that wants to check it out: Helium 10 Review

Anyway whatever you decide, I think it’s also important to spend time learning and understanding how to carry out profit analysis, it’s fairly simple math once you get going but it’s an important part of the business.

I’ve also read that it’s useful to look at products that are small and light, this means you will pay less in shipping and handling charges! Remember any money you can save will allow you to make more profit!

If any of you are struggling to come up with a niche ideas i’ve found another site that should help, if any of you have heard of “Niche Hacks” you’ll know how good some of their content is, i found this article very useful: Picking a niche

I hope you have enjoyed this post, i’m going to continue to research the best ways to become an amazon seller. I know it won’t happen over night but i’m willing to put in the work.

I’ve never expected building an online business to be easy, i’ve set time aside each day to learn, that way i can keep working towards quiting my job and going full time!

My plan is to keep researching, building up my experience then i can finally launch my first product on amazon!

Until next time,




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