My name is William and i have decided to document my journey to building personal freedom! I wanted to blog about building my online business so i can start making money online.

I have begun learning about affiliate marketing, i have followed various case studies and youtube video series to improve my knowledge.

I have found a free online training portal called Affilorama, they seem to have lots of free content on offer. I aim to follow their video series with the hope that i can take my online business to the next level.

I am currently working within a job i do not like, although i’m grateful for the position i am looking to build a business i can call my own. Selling on amazon is also another interesting option for me, on this site i talk about some of the seller tools i am interested in using.

So i have decided to go for it, i will be learning everything i can about affiliate marketing and becoming an amazon seller. I hope to share some useful content along the way. In my opinion both of these business models offer the same thing, freedom.

For me freedom is being able to work anywhere in the world, building an online business provides exactly this. I have also started looking into clickfunnels, i understand as it stands it’s one of the most popular ways to sell digital products.

I hope by sharing my journey, you will be inspired to do the same! I have been working in retail for sometime, it seems mopping floors and stacking shelves isn’t the life for me, no offence to anyone that does this, it just isn’t my cup of tea.

Passive income ideas fuel the best businesses in my opinion, affiliate marketing allows a marketer to generate passive income (once the the initial work is done) without having to build their own product!

Becoming an amazon seller would allow me the same sort of freedom, but only if i opted for the amazon FBA business model, i will talk about this model in more detail in a separate article.

I’m going to do my research and then decide which of these business models suits me best.

The one i like the look of most is amazon FBA, i like the idea of selling a physical product! Before i launch a product i know i’ll have to take the time to really research how you’d go about doing it.


Thanks for reading, i hope you enjoy hearing about my journey!




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